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46, Vaaka, United States
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Seksuaalinen suuntautuminenHetero
Pituus>5' - 5'3" [150cm - 160cm]
Paino120 - 140 lbs [55 - 63 kg]
Rintojen kokoValtava
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DP, MMF, all hard cocks no matter the size (size really doesn't matter, especially when your pussy is as tight as mine [no kids]), classic rock played loud, hairy men
I also do custom videos! You can choose a song for me, or I can choose a song if you want. It is 100 tokens per minute. What I can do in the videos, you choose: I call out your name (several times), dildo pussy (very close-up), pussy play (also very close-up), close-up insert anal plug and pussy play, POV close-up dildo sucking (to include calling out your name, eye contact, and licking your shaft up and down). I can do any of these raunchy and naughty, or soft and sensual, so that we can make a connection!!!! Your choice. It’s all up to you, darlin!
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Vivacious brunette MILF 34 DD ready to chat and more
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Mean people, not being able to reach my wine
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Maanantai 13.00 – 16.00
Tiistai 13.00 – 16.00
Keskiviikko 13.00 – 16.00
Torstai 13.00 – 16.00
Perjantai 13.00 – 16.00
Lauantai 0.00 – 0.00
Sunnuntai 0.00 – 0.00
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Definitely a Fuckalicious Babe
By far the most amazing and beautiful "milf" on this site...and a great personality to match. Angelica is perfection!!!!
I love your clear eyes,
emitting warm light
these hands are strong, gentle,
and there are no other such ones!
Tell me I'm beautiful
did you make me like that
I want to be kind, gentle,
because you are next to me.
You are my love, an unexpected miracle,
the light in the window, the warmth of the soul.
How beautiful are the minutes with you
but they run so fast!
I'm sorry for the grievances of random
or my stupid jealousy,
for words that were not said
I just love you very much.
Definitely gorgeous and sweet gal, fun to play with
beautiful woman, the best model here